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College Counseling services for students Grade 8 to Grade 12 are offered as follows:

Academic Course Selection -  The academic transcript is often regarded as the most important part of the application process.  Matthew will work with you to select your courses each year, taking into consideration academic rigor, career interests, and course offerings.  


Standardized Testing- Matthew will work with you to determine the appropriate test, testing schedule, and approach to submitting scores to colleges.

Developing a College List-  With over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States alone, narrowing the options down can seem like a daunting task.  Matthew will use his expert knowledge of colleges, majors, and entry requirements in conjunction with your academic profile and personal preferences, to help you construct a balanced list of colleges to apply to.

Letters of Recommendation-  Teacher letters of recommendation give college admissions personnel a look into how you will perform in their classrooms.  Matthew will work with you to select which teachers to request letters to and support them in their writing process.

College Essay & Supplement- Matthew will support you in developing ideas for your college personal statement.  The goal of your essay is to communicate who you are at the core, while capturing the attention of the admissions reader.  Through a variety of activities, Matthew will work with you to identify possible topics, revise and edit your essay, and provide insight to capitalize your application.

In addition, most colleges have between one and three supplemental questions.  Matthew will support you in developing strong responses that answer each question, while highlighting your strengths and accomplishments.

Application & Activities Section Completion- Matthew will walk side-by-side through your college applications, providing accurate completion of all sections.  He will spend significant time on the activities section, ensuring your story is told consistently throughout your application.

Interview Preparation- Many schools allow for or require an interview as part of their admissions process.  Matthew will prepare you by reviewing commonly asked questions, preparing answers with your story in mind, and holding a mock interview with feedback and reflection.

College Decision- If you are not admitted via a binding application, you may be faced with a difficult decision between multiple offers of acceptance from schools to which you have applied.  Matthew will talk through possibilities and utilize various tools and strategies to layout all options so that you and your family can make the best possible decision.

Additional services:  NCAA Clearinghouse, Standardized Test Registration, Portfolio assistance, FAFSA & CSS Profile 

Undergraduate Services