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Matthew Adam, founder of Matthew Adam LLC, College Admissions Consulting, is a former Director of College Counseling and Head of Counseling.  He has read and reviewed countless applications while working for admission at the highly-selective institution, Northwestern University. 

Matthew Adam



Matthew has worked with hundreds of students and families through their college process.  He has had the experience of working as a school and college counselor for 11 years.  Matthew served as the Head of Counseling at the United States Consulate affiliate School, the American School of Dubai (ASD), as well as Director of College Counseling at one of the top independent schools in the Tri-State region.  He is an engaged, active, and proud member of the leading professional associations NACAC and IACAC.

Matthew holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Northeastern University in Boston, as well as a Master of Education from Springfield College.  His interest in education has led him to earn advanced degrees and certifications in Educational Leadership.

Matthew is passionate in supporting his students as they learn more about themselves throughout the college process.  Matthew looks to help students tell their individual story the most effective way possible to maximize their potential of gaining admission into highly selective institutions.  Each student is unique in personality, interests, and experiences.  Matthew’s expertise helps students frame their application so that it is an authentic representation of their unique story.  He utilizes his years of experience and knowledge of the latest trends to guide his students, and does so in a way supportive of mental health, always aware of the emotional component of the college process.

Matthew provides his students with genuine caring guidance, helping them to help themselves on their journey to college.